Thursday, 19 November 2009

My First Cooking Class at Goldhahn & Sampson

The Magic of Stocks
Samstag, 6. Februar, 2010, um 18 Uhr
Goldhahn & Sampson

Infusing water with the flavours of meats, vegetables, herbs and spices is one of the kitchen’s most basic transformations, and yet like most of cooking’s simple magic, it requires a bit of ‘skilling up’ to perfect. In this class, we’ll step through stock making from raw ingredients to clarification. We’ll make different stocks to suit various flavours from around the world, and we’ll experiment with the depth of flavour homemade stocks can bring to Vietnamese ph, Milanese risotto and Nonya laksa.

Recommended reading:
Christine Manfield’s Spice (Viking, 1999).
Judy Rodger’s The Zuni Café Cookbook: A compendium of recipes and cooking lessons from San Francisco’s beloved restaurant (Norton, 2002).